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 NV-07D,4 in 1 Diamond Dermabrasion 


2016 New NV-07D,4 in 1 Diamond Dermabrasion (CE approval)


-Function :

1) Diamond Dermabrasion

It is a nonsurgical skin refinish procedure, by using sterile diamond heads to abrade or rub off the top skin layer,

then vacuuming out the particles along with any dirt and dead skin back up. Diamond Dermabrasion can treat:

 Aging and sun-damaged skin

- Some types of acne scarring and acne


- Altered pigmentation


- Stretch marks


- Fine lines


- Enlarged and clogged pores


 2016 New NV-07D,4 in 1 Diamond Dermabrasion (CE approval)




 2016 New NV-07D,4 in 1 Diamond Dermabrasion (CE approval)2016 New NV-07D,4 in 1 Diamond Dermabrasion (CE approval)2016 New NV-07D,4 in 1 Diamond Dermabrasion (CE approval)


2) Ultrasonic


Smooth wrinkles and firm the skin; Reduce puffiness around the eyes; Stimulate blood circulation and increase metabolism;

\Whiten black spots, freckles, and aged marks;


Facilitate the absorption of skin care products; Relaxes tensed muscles and reduce inflammation;Improve the rate of lymph flow.

 2016 New NV-07D,4 in 1 Diamond Dermabrasion (CE approval)





3)Skin Scrubber


Ultrasound with 2 Probes provided non-surgical Lifting, which utilizes sonic vibrations to reduce lines leaving the skin firm and smooth.

It can help the beautician apply the recover treatment after peeling treatment




 2016 New NV-07D,4 in 1 Diamond Dermabrasion (CE approval)











4) Hot &Cold


The cold treatment function is specially designed for calming down the skin after peeling.

The skin is sensitive after peeling treatment, so the cold treatment procures is necessary.


The hot treatment function is designed for opening pores before cleaning the skin and accelerating the absorption of nutrition.


2016 New NV-07D,4 in 1 Diamond Dermabrasion (CE approval) 





 2016 New NV-07D,4 in 1 Diamond Dermabrasion (CE approval)

2016 New NV-07D,4 in 1 Diamond Dermabrasion (CE approval)


Agented 4 in 1 diamond dermabrasion on market.
One of the best Diamond Dermabrasion machines.
Suitable for Spa and Salon Use!



2 Parameters:




Diamond Dermabrasion

Vacuum Pressure: 60-70 cmHg


1.1 Mhz


Vibrating : 270,000 times per second

Cold&Hot Treatment

Hot : 42 Celsius degree / Cold:1-2 Celsius degree






3. Packaging Details:


Item NO.





Gross Weight


100V-120V, 220V-240V.


115 Watt

49*30*52 CM

13.5 KGS





 4. Payment Terms & Delivery Time :






Delivery Time

Payment Terms

Supply Ability

1 pc


3-7 days

T/T,Western Union

200 pcs/week




5.Warranty :


-1 year warranty with professional engineer support.

-Within 1 year ,Supply spare parts for free if the machine has quality problem

-After-Sales phone number: +86-757-81107626/+86-757-85633759.

Notice: we only operate Guarantee on our official website:

and on Alibaba as Any purchasing from other websites will not enjoy Guarantee from us .





Why choose us?



Our company is a leading professional manufacture in beauty equipment and medical equipment in china,Absolutely we can ensure the equipment quality, best treatment results and timely after-sale service for every customer who are from all over the world!


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Within 1 year ,Supply spare parts for free if the machine has quality problem


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